Talking is what makes us, us. Casual, formal, intimate, accidental, all forms of exchanges are unique but all hold the potential to understand, learn, fail, adapt, grow.
It is hard to talk when our world is closed in- to the self, families, work, ambition. Real talking requires listening intently to words that challenge, make us vulnerable, expose our limitations. This is how we open our minds and see a world beyond our own.
Talking together creates new ways of living together. Not just in the laboratory or the halls of academia, but in the everyday. Bridging the gap, creating conversations that connect within and between public systems with civil society. To understand, learn, fail, adapt, grow.
This conversation is curated by Ratio. We invite anyone- a concerned citizen or a chief executive of a public service or someone weighed down by life’s challenges or all three- to contribute. Get in touch with us at or on Twitter @RatioTalks.